Since 1993

What Is A Bublican?

Back in 2004 I had a flashbulb moment. Black people can choose not to be Democrats!  It was then that I really started reading about the issues and really making definitive choices about my views on politics. What was revealed during that time was shocking. 80 to 90% of my views were reflected in Republican candidates.  But, there were still things in the Republican party that didn’t sit well with me either.  I knew that I wasn’t an Independant, so I voted the issues instead of party lines.

As the years progressed, I see myself increasingly becoming more republican in my views. And, I am not alone.

If you've been a conservative your whole life, or if you've been a generational democrat who just doesn't feel the same anymore, we are here for you.

This space is dedicated to every black, conservative in need of a hug.  We are Bublican and we are many!



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